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Accessing GP internet from Linux

September 19, 2007

Recently i have bought Nokia-3110 classic. I also managed a line with unlimited internet connectivity from my mobile operator Grameen Phone . YESSSSSS!!!!. But after the excitement of having new device ( U know what i mean 😉 ) fades away,the first thing i noticed that there is no official Nokia support for Linux.


As i feel more comfortable in Linux,and,certainly,loathed to be pushed ,so after a little research (and lot of head scratches) i’ve set up my phone modem in linux and accessing internet :). i’ll try to summarize what i’ve found. I am currently using fedora 7 but the basics are pretty same for other version .


The very first thing you need to do is, to make your linux recognize and select appropiate driver for your phone cable.Most current distribution can automatically do this. To check it, connect the phone to pc then select appropiate cable mode ( for my Nokia-3110, I select Nokia mode ). Then


su -l
dmesg|grep tty

If the resulting output contains something like this


cdc_acm 2-1:1.1: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

then ,you dont have to worry,some good people somewhere in the earth has done the job for you.


Now, if the message is something is something like this


Sep 10 20:50:50 kernel: hub.c: USB new device connect on bus2/2, assigned device number 23

Sep 10 20:50:50 kernel: usb.c: USB device 23 (vend/prod 0x421/0x401) is not claimed by any active driver.

Sep 10 20:50:53 /etc/hotplug/usb.agent: … no modules for USB product 421/401/0

then ooops, your OS has failed to select an appropiate driver for the device,go here (wait until i sit to write again)


Now, to make a connection we will use pppd command. I will explain step by step but those who does not want to peek ‘under the hood’ and using GP network follow network

  • being root, copy all the files to /etc/ppp/peers/

cp edge* /etc/ppp/peers

  • being root (su -l ),just

    pppd call edge.doc

and you are connected 😀

From now on,whenever you want to connect just use the command

pppd call edge.doc